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dreams are easy to achieve;

if hope is all I'm hoping to be

18 February
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here's the story of a girl;

Character Name: Penny
Series: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Gender: Female
Age: 27ish?
Species: Human
Sexuality: heterosexual
Appearance: Penny is a decently pretty young woman, with very pale skin and bright red hair. Her eyes are green, and her nose is a little long and her lips are a little thin, and she carries the aura of a 'quiet nerd' but pretty in her own way. She's not very tall, standing about 5'5", but she's long-limbed. She's also quite thin, although not unhealthily so.

She likes to dress in comfortable clothes, jeans and a t-shirt or a cute dress, nothing tight or overly flashy. She favors animal-friendly clothing, and typically buys from second-hand shops.

Manhattanite or outsider? Outsider
who grew up lost and lonely;

Personality: Penny would be most easily described as sweet, and is most often described as thus, although there's a lot more to her than initially meets the eye. While this isn't really evident at first, and not a lot of people take the time to really get to know her beyond the shy sweet girl who dedicates her off time to helping the homeless, she's had her rough patches. Her faith in humanity is regularly tested, and at times she can feel crushed under the general apathy society has for their fellow human. She tries her best to balance this out by extending a caring hand to anyone who needs it, homeless and otherwise, when it comes down to it, if you're a good person, Penny isn't going to turn her back on you.

Once you get to know Penny it's easy to see that the kind face she puts forward isn't just a front, and that she deeply cares for the people around her. She's able to find joy in simple things, doing the laundry, sharing frozen yogurt with a friend, doing her part for the community. She believes that all she needs in life is a hope to better herself and the lives of others, one person at a time. She can sometimes fool herself with this ideal, into ignoring things she knows she shouldn't, or going against what she personally wants because she thinks the path she's on will be better for others. She's more than willing to sacrifice any personal real and genuine happiness for the betterment of society, and does so with a smile on her face, despite what her heart may tell her.
Abilities: Penny is a normal human. No special powers, no secret identities, no special training of any kind. She is a selfless, caring person, but that isn't so much an ability as who she is.
Weaknesses: Penny can be very naive, and trusts people easily. As a result, she can set herself up for getting her heart broken, or a big let-down, if the person doesn't turn out to actually be who she thinks they are.

Additionally, of course, Penny is only human, and is a very soft and squishy and murderable human, at that.
thinking love was fairytale and trouble was made only for me;

Not a lot is known about Penny's life beforehand, although it's alluded to that her childhood was very lonely and depressing for her. She grew up alone, likely orphaned at a young age and forced to live in group homes most of her life, which explains her compassion and pity towards those less fortunate later in life.

Once on her own, Penny strove to make her own place in the world, although she's been fired and turned down several times from different jobs, she tries not to let it get her down, working where she can get work, and in her free time volunteering for the Caring Hands group, working with the Homeless of Los Angeles.

Her entire life changed when she met Billy, a man who she sort of knew from the Laundromat they both frequented, but was not formally introduced to until she was trying to get signatures for a petition to open a new homeless shelter. It was after this meeting that she was almost run over by a van that Dr. Horrible was attempting to hijack, and was "rescued" by Captain Hammer. Grateful to him, and a little dazed, Penny ended up agreeing to go on a date with him.

She thought he came off a little cheesy at first, but after a successful encounter she ended up changing her mind, determining he was actually a very sweet individual.

It was also during this time that Penny started talking with Billy in the laundromat, and they became friends, talking over frozen yogurt while waiting for their laundry to be done. Her relationship with Captain Hammer progressed, as did her relationship with Billy, and despite herself she felt her feelings for them both growing.

After a bit of time, Captain Hammer manages to convince the mayor of the city to sign over the building the Caring Hands group was looking at for a shelter. She's unaware of Captain Hammer using her to upset Billy, although in the days that follow, garnering support for the building, funding, getting it cleaned up and beds ready, she notices that Billy is absent time and time again for their meetings, and despite having Hammer, she's lonely for her friend.

Still, she looks at the situation for the best. However at the official opening of the new shelter, she begins to really realize that Captain Hammer isn't all she thought he was, when he brags about them having sex to a group of people, in addition to saying things that she considers fairly upsetting.

She starts to make an exit, embarrassed to be seen up on stage, when before she can get all the way out the party is crashed by Dr. Horrible, and she takes refuge behind a set of chairs. Watching the scene unfold, she thinks she hears Dr. Horrible speak her name, before he prepares to kill Captain Hammer.

Unsure how to react, but certainly not willing to see anyone die she stands, but Captain Hammer unfreezes, then, and it's all in this moment that the death ray Dr. Horrible was sporting backfires, and shrapnel from the explosion hits Penny, fatally wounding her. In her last moments she's blinded by the pain, and she hears Billy's voice. More concerned for her friend than her own ebbing life she asks him if he's alright, because she can hear the fear in his voice, and despite not entirely believing in Captain Hammer any longer, she attempts to reassure her friend by saying that Hammer would save them, before she breathes her last.

And wakes up in Manhattan.